Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great Link for creating your LogLine

I found the perfect help for me on creating a logline (one line synopsis) and I have read everything I could find. But, today, this one just hit my brain when it was ready to receive it.

This is by Christopher Lockhart and you gotta love his title "I wrote a 120 page script but can't write a logline."

I really was not quite getting what is wanted in the logline, but he explained it in great detail.

First, he says not to muddy the waters with the characters name. But, you use those precious words to describe your character. Such as saying, "An angry woman..." DUH! That means so much more than Alice Smith shot her husband. Although, once you knew she shot him, you probably figured she was angry.

Then, your logline must present:

"WHO the story is about (that's the angry woman)
WHAT she/he strives for (Their goal- having dead husband)
WHAT stands in her/his way (not much apparently)."

But, keep reading because he does a great job of explaining and there's a hysterical example of a logline for the Wizard of Oz there.

He also explains a bit how writing has changed in the last twenty years. How many times have you watched an old movie and thought, "Gosh, that is slow. I used to like it."? Is that punctuation even close to right?

Anyway, very interesting article.

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